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"'Last Girl Standing' and its music video channel the sass and righteous anger of both Loretta Lynnand Carrie Underwood.  It displays storytelling talents worthy of the former, yet fans of the latter can dance along."

- Bobby Moore 

Wide Open Country

" Record companies usually look for potential singles and Alannah has given this album nothing but commercial hit fodder throughout her ten tracks. Every song reeks of this gold. “Undefeated” is Reba McIntyre rich. Whew. This is modern country at its best. If Alannah is ignored on country radio it is their loss. These songs are all in that Miranda Lambert-Gretchen Wilson mold but Alannah has carved out her own piece of art here. There is, indeed, an audience for this kind of performance."


- John Apice

No Depression 

"...her sophomore effort Ricochet Heart features ten original tracks, including lead single, "Last Girl Standing," that blends soul, country, and pop in a way that emits a self-assuredness and strength."


- Tara Joan

The Daily Country

" Shit-Kicking to the curb, the spurs of Alannah McCready's vocals kick up a musical dust into a tornado-spun batch of country music.  Her tempestuous spirit has a basic instinct for the genre and her songwriting slams a shot down of both classic and modern.  Both cool and red-hot in tones, when she lets down her guard, Alannah's title track "Ricochet Heart" would truly make Reba McEntire proud."


- By Bill Bliss

Rage Monthly

"Chock full of countrified guitar riffs aplenty, along with cashews of raw soul and pop blues, the rhythms may well be primal, but they sure elicit that well earned knee-jerk appreciative response from the listener, thats for sure .... McCready knows the kind of sound she wants to bring forth and isn't afraid to bring us all into the mix."

- Russell Trunk

Exclusive Magazine 

..." Enemies With Benefits," which proves that Alannah is here to stay.  Her voice is so strong and pure on the gospel-like inspirational piece "Steal A Ladder."  the album's lead single "Last Girl Standing" builds with energy as her music was built for the country music charts."


- James Pasinski

JP's Music Blog (Record-Journal Music Publisher)

" As I continue to listen to Ricochet Heart, I am even more impressed with his album.  Not only are all of the songs solidly written and performed, they all sound great and are more substance-laden than your garden variety pop country.  Clearly, Alannah wants to do things her way and is not willing to compromise her sound and creativity.  I for one, commend that.  She is the type of artist that really deserves our support..."


- Harry Kaplan

Twangri-La (Country Music Utopia)

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